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All our certified seed potatoes are grown in strict accordance with our quality assurance programme.

'Seen to be Clean'

We formed in 1984 and incorporated in 1993. Our foundation President was Geoff Fahey, "The Valley", Crookwell.
The Association objectives were to:
Develop a New South Wales agriculture approved seed certification scheme based on Pathogen Tested,
micropropagated seed potato stock.
Engage in research and development projects to enhance productivity.
Identify national and international markets.
Improve growers returns.
Establish a resource centre for members providing administrative and executive support.
The formation of the Association created a network of seed potato producers within a disease free area.
The members are all professional farmers engaged in wool, fat lambs and cattle production as well as seed potatoes.
At the inaugural meeting members agreed to voluntary levy arrangements based on tonnes of seed sold each season. Levy obligations have been met without default since inception and are paid annually. Disbursement of funds is approved at either the annual general meeting or periodic general meetings during the year.
Major expenditure items are administration, marketing, research and development and inspection services.
Crookwell is a potato seed production area in New South Wales, situated on the Great Dividing Range in the Southern Tablelands, 950m above sea level and 240kms from Sydney.
The area is isolated from commercial (ware) potato production, has mild summers and cold winters. Ideally suited to the production of clean seed.
The basis of successful potato production world wide is the availability of clean seed. Crookwell is producing high quality certified seed potatoes. Favourable conditions, control of soil borne diseases and the major role given to new technology is encouraging growers to strengthen and expand local certified seed production.
The Association and our members have strong commitment to develop management practices that provide:
Nil tolerance bacterial wilt
Nil tolerance potato cyst nematode (PCN)
A quarantine proclamation covering the whole of the Association's production area
A quality assurance pathogen tested (PT) scheme limited to five (5) generations
That all plots are independently inspected by ViCSPA trained inspectors.
An introduction, field evaluation and multiplication service to industry.
The seed production area is covered by a NSW State Government Quarantine Proclamation which declares the former Crookwell Shire (now part of the Upper Lachlan Shire) is free from:
Potato Cyst Nematode - PCN (Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida)
Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum), and specifically prohibits the entry of any potatoes, as planting material, into the seed production area. The proclamation also covers the entry of second hand containers, bins and the movement of potato machinery (vide NSW government Gazette, No 89, NSW Legislation, 17th July, 1992).
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