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All our certified seed potatoes are grown in strict accordance with our quality assurance programme.

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Suggestions would be most welcome.  Email us a question regarding seed potatoes and we will endeavour to answer them for you.  We will also upload all questions and answers on this page in the future.


And, by the way, only plant certified seed potatoes.  This will ensure you are planting seed that will minimise diseases and viruses.

Our growers only sell a minimum 50kg bag.  Should you require less than this amount we suggest you contact your local nursery who may be able to help.

Q.  Are green potatoes toxic?

A.  Yes, please do not eat green potatoes.

Q.  Can you plant green seed potatoes?

A.  Yes, most definitely.  The greening is a natural process of the seed potato.  It is actually better to plant green seed potatoes as these are a stronger seed.

Q.  How many potatoes can I expect to harvest from planting just one seed potato?

A.  The average harvest is approximately 10 to 1.  Plant one seed potato and expect it to produce about 10 potatoes.

Q.  I have heard you CANNOT eat the seed upon harvest?

A.  The original seed planted will be a shrivelled up little spud.  By the look of it you wouldn't want to eat it at all.  It's the one at the end of the stem, not the potatoes growing out sideways. 




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